About Dr Shivani Champaneri

When I decided to become a chiropractor, I knew that it was more than just a career choice. It was a lifestyle decision. I knew that I would have to dedicate myself to helping others achieve optimum health and that I would need to be constantly learning in order to stay at the top of my field.

Thankfully, I love what I do. Every day, I have the opportunity to help people reduce their pain, improve their mobility, and achieve a better quality of life. And because chiropractic is constantly evolving, I never get bored or complacent in my work.

For me, being a chiropractor is not just a job but a calling. It’s something that I’m passionate about, and it’s something that I’ll continue to dedicate myself to for many years to come.

Shivani Champaneri chiropractor in Wellinton Central

About inLine chiropractic


To enhance the physical and emotional performance of our clients.


Inspire and educate people to embrace conscious effort towards healthy living and wellness, rather than wait for health problems to occur.


Improve client’s lives through effective chiropractic care plans targeting range of motion, muscle strength, flexibility, neurological health, overall physical function and mental wellbeing.


  1. Relationships – our goal is to build long-lasting meaningful relationships with clients and referrers in medical, health and wellness.

  2. Communication – we have the utmost respect for our client’s preferences, wishes, health and wellbeing through thoughtful communication and empathy.

  3. Chiropractic excellence – we are continually striving to improve our tailored care plans, lifestyle recommendations and overall knowledge of healthcare and wellness.

  4. Administrative ease – we invest in our client and business resources to ensure smooth processes, an efficient online booking system and frictionless appointments.

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