The posture test: How to check your standing posture

Mother trying the posture test on her daughter against a wall at home

Do you often feel tired or achy after standing or sitting for long periods? If so, your posture might be to blame. Poor posture can lead to many problems, including back pain, neck pain, and fatigue.  The posture test is an essential part of every fitness routine. It helps to improve your well-being and prevent […]

Working from home? Avoid bad posture with these tips

Are you one of the lucky ones who work from home? While this arrangement can have many benefits, it can also lead to bad posture if you’re not careful. This article will discuss some tips for avoiding bad posture while working from home. We will also provide information on chair selection and setting up an […]

Can a chiropractor fix my posture?

A young woman in two standing poses, one with bad posture and one with good posture.

If you suffer from posture problems, you may have wondered, “can a chiropractor fix my posture?” Read on to find out if chiropractic care is an option for your posture issues. Many health problems are linked to poor posture, including impaired lung capacity, poor digestion, correct spine curvature, and neck and back pain. As a […]